Video : Rectangular Can Body Making Line
Rectangular Can Body Making Line Automatic Can Body Making Line, Expander / body shaper/ double squeze flanger / bottom seamer for OPEN TOP can body production. Automatic irregular / rectangular shape can body making line; welded cans changed to the vertical position through `V` shape magnetic conveyor, can bodies synchronized to the feed bar transfer system. each can detected of the welding connection line with machine view technology and precise positioned by the servo motor then transfer to the expanding spindle. After expansion/body-shaping each can bodies transfer to the double squeeze flanging machine to achieve bottom/end & top flange of the bodies then transfer to the bottom seamer. After seaming each can turn to upside down and exit to the collecting table or to palletizer. speed of line is 40 cans per minute. Can bodies made of tinplate and end/lid components made of aluminum.
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